Petrolão – Crime Lesson

Hi Darling

Are you following the Petrolão scandal?

The Federal Public Prosecutor yesterday finally indicted 36 people in the Federal Police’s “Lava-Jato” operation that investigates corruption in Petrobras during the government of Marxist PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores – Worker’s Party).

The Federal Attorney said that Petrolão is a “crime lesson”. Here in Brazil everybody is astonished with such robbery. It is because they do not know History nor Communism. See what general Ion Mihai Pacepa – the highest Soviet bloc official ever to have defected – wrote about Communism in an article of last year:

“In theory, socialism is an idyllic dream. In reality, it is a phony nightmare, modelled after Karl Marx’s infamous dictum “Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen” (from each according to his ability, to each according to his need), a social theory that has destroyed the economy of every country where it has been applied. To put it into plain English, the socialist redistribution of wealth is theft, and stealing became a national policy on the day the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was born. Immediately after the revolution of November 1917, Russia’s new socialist government confiscated the imperial family’s wealth, seized the land owned by the rich Russians, nationalized Russian industry and banking, and killed most of the property owners. In 1929, the Kremlin turned its covetous eyes toward the poorest elements in the country; by forcing the peasants into collective farms, it stole away their land, along with their animals and agricultural tools. Within a few years, virtually the entire Soviet economy was running on stolen property.

“In the mid 1930s, the Communist Party itself became a target for theft. Following a brief period of collective leadership exercised by the Central Committee and later by its elite, the Politburo, Stalin personally stole all the top-level positions in the country and pinned them onto his own chest like war decorations, thereby establishing a dismal new feudalism in the middle of the 20th century. That is exactly what occurred later throughout Eastern Europe, when the Soviet socialists took over after World War II. By the time I said goodbye forever to Socialist Romania in 1978, the list of official positions and titles accumulated by Ceausescu and his wife could have easily filled a whole page.

“The 1991 collapse of the Soviet Empire signaled a stern warning that in the long run stealing does not pay, even when committed by the government of a huge country. All socialists who have ever risen to lead a country have ended up in hell — all, from Lenin to Stalin, Tito to Zhivkov, Enver Hoxha to Mátyás Rakosi, Sékou Touré to Nyeree. All had their days of temporary glory, but all ended in eternal disgrace. A few remnants, like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, are still hanging on, but they certainly have a place in hell reserved for them. (Update: Chavez has died since the writing of this post.) In this year that Marx’s Manifesto turns 164 years old and should have long been discredited, there are still some foolish countries like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, and Spain that are being devastated by a misplaced trust in its advocacy of “to each according to his need” and its consequential redistribution of the country’s wealth.”

The only choice for us, Brazilians, is to learn from History and expel these Communist people from politics. As the general Pacepa wrote, mentioning essayist George Santayana, those, who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.




Black Awareness Day

Hi Honey

It was holliday last November 20Th. Black Awareness Day.

I beg your pardon?? but awareness has now became colored?

This holiday was created under the Marxist government of PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores – Worker’s Party) more than 10 years ago. The excuses for creating such madness were the same old ones: to correct a historic mistake, to make society conscious, to give black people equal opportunities towards a fairer world… blablabla.

First of all, that is the good old class conflict strategy synthetized more than 150 years ago in Communist Manifesto by Marx’s cynical cry “Working men of all countries, unite!”. He didn’t say but should have also said “May you unite because depending on me you are fried!” Employee against employer, woman against man, children against parents, cyclist against driver, black against white, everybody against God. Who still believes in this chatter?

Secondly, who named them Champions of Justice?

Third, this “historical mistake” speech is nonsense. Following this reasoning we will soon be separating Cain and Abel fight. In order to incite racial hatred, these Communists hide the fact that African muslins (many of them black people) have had invaded Europe to enslave people much time before the event of black slavery. The human being exploitation by other ones is not a characteristic of white Europeans; on the contrary, it has occurred so far, all around the world.

Fourth, the class conflict strategy manipulates the lowest human being instincts. It foments frustration and inferiority complex in minorities in order to make them feel victims and then they became mass of manipulation in hands of manipulators.

Fifth, Marx was totally mistaken to think that this kind of problem is solved by fomenting hatred among brothers. The exploitation of employees by bad employers and the slavery are consequences of human passions and they have a name: sin – personal sin. Sin, being personal, must be banished by means of searching personal holiness – by means of prayer and penitence and examination of conscience. The issue is personal not social. So, there is no fair society but just  fair people.

Sixth, accusing Brazilians of racism is deception. People whose patroness is a black woman, whose birth is a result from an alliance between black, Portuguese and native people, that have extinguished slavery without a shot, that adore their black king of soccer. Brazil does not have prejudice of race; we have prejudice against poor people but this is another matter.

Christ – founder of the civilization that Marx and his followers try to destroy – incarnated and came to earth in order to teach us that each person is result of a God’s love action. As this Brazilian saying – May God know how to count up to one. Each human being has an individuality, a personality and a dignity emanated directly from the God’s love. Each of us came to this world to perform an exclusive and unrepeatable mission – also known as vocation – determined by the God’s will. Each human being has the same dignity: the dignity of God’s son. This concept of personality is hated by Communist regimes for whom people are simple numbers which is only useful for statistics.

Thanks to this unique conception of sin, vocation and divine sonship, the Christians were the ones who fight – and keep fighting – more against slavery. An historian of the beginning of the Christian Era wrote: “The founder of this religion put on their followers mind that all men are siblings”. And he added, astonished: “And they really believe so!”

So, I’d rather like Christ teaching instead of Marx pathetic phrase:

– You have but one Teacher, and you are all brothers.




The Love That Exists Here

Hi Honey

Do you remember Piri Piri song?

I came from Piri Piri, I came from Piri Piri

I came to see how love that exists here is

How will it be like Piri Piri love?

On November 15 I went to the march on Paulista Avenue. It was a march asking decency back in our country. I went there to be part of it but over all to see what kind of feeling was moving the protesters.

I noticed that people were moved by love. Love for freedom, family and homeland. A love in which indignation and joy were mixed. Indignation due to the communist totalitarianism advance in our nation. Joy due to the opportunity to express ourselves after decades in which street manifestations were carried out only for leftists. It was a peaceful and conscious joy quite different from the hypnotic trance that usually takes place in crowds driven by ideologies.

There were 3 main groups. A very minor group was asking for military intervention. Nobody cared about them. But it was this group that came out in news headlines. The same old lies of an old liar media. (There is an exception: Veja magazine.)

I followed Olavo de Carvalho’s students’ group. We walked towards Sé Square. The most important slogans were Olavo Is Right, Get Out Foro de São Paulo!, Get Out PT!, Lula Father of Mensalão – Dilma Mother of Petrolão, Impeachment Now! I saw people of all ages even babies. The event marked the first printed edition of the electronic magazine Midia Sem Mascara – the first Brazilian media to analyse magazines. The shops didn’t need to close their doors; on the contrary, they took advantage on their profits because of the crowd estimated between 10 and 50 thousand people. The Police were applauded several times.  The fewer opponents were welcomed with good humour – not with violence, a weapon so far unknown by leftists.

Some people criticize this kind of mobilization. “It is worthless. The evil will always win. You won’t change the world.”

I don’t want to change the world. I just want that, when this world is over to me, I would be struggling in the Love side.




Blind’s Blind Guides

Hi Beauty

Some days ago Brazilian Federal government released the 2013 public security report. Last year, there were more than 53 thousand murders in our country. As the government itself admits inaccuracy of this amount, the number of fatalities is greater. Other surveys point out to 70 thousand homicides per year. One death every 8 minutes.

Brazil reached to this point thanks to Herbert Marcuse’s ideas. He was a German philosopher who became a US citizen. He was one of the founders of School of Frankfurt. Marcuse landed in USA in 1934 and so far he has been adored by leftist Americans. His most known book, Eros and Civilization, was written in 1955. He was one of the sexual revolution ideologists. In May 1968 he was in Paris inciting the young people to riot.

Studying why Marxism had failed in West, he concluded that proletarian wasn’t the correct revolutionary class. The true ones must be the psychologically frustrated people: intellectuals, students, outcasts (prostitutes, drug addicts, assassins, rapists etc.) and dissatisfied people in general.

More than any other country, Marcuse’s theories hit hard deeply in Brazil. Perhaps because our nation is a prior target of such kind of attack due to its geopolitical importance. The fact is that Marcuse’s theories have found little opposition in Brazil. Our elites – people blessed by God with money, social position and resources in order to lead the search for the welfare – were completely unprepared for the culture war. Since long time ago, they have been only worried about themselves and turning their back to society. This indifference leads them to dislike truth and to scorn wisdom.

The means by such beautiful theory have spread were the educational system, the mass media and the showbiz. Today, we see a country seized by bandits and drug dealers. Police’s hands are tied. Law incites to crime. The civilian disarmament is part of this strategy; the robber knows that they will find unprotected victims and these are attacked without fear – a true rabbit hunt. If the victim reacts and strikes the robber, he will face the fury of media, hardness of the law and the cynicism of intelligentsia.

The result is a society in which nobody trusts nobody. The bad guys spend 24 hours a day thinking about how to mislead the good guys; the good ones think how to protect themselves. That is why Brazilians with remarkable computer skills  become the world’s best crackers and hackers. They develop a mind able to scrutinize continuously all the lacks in order to attack them or protect them. They pass situations that are unthinkable for Americans or Europeans; even to Russians or Chinese, living under cruel dictatorships.

As usual, Brazilian elites watch all these atrocities without acting. They look indifferently the dead laying on the streets. The Christ’s disdain is addressed to our elites:

– Let them alone; they are blind’s blind guides.



PS – Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho is the unique exception in all the fancy Brazilian elite. He is the brain behind the movement that is occupying the streets and that struggles for decency being back in our country.


Hands-on: The Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century

Hi Sweety

I’ve just received the book The Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century, from Robert Royal.

See this Cardinal Newmann’s quote in the introduction:

“The early times of purity and truth have not passed away! They are present still! We are not solitary though we seem so. Few now alive understand or sanction us; but those multitudes in primitive time, who believed, and taught, and worshiped as we do, still live unto God, and, in their past deeds and their present voices, cry from the Altar. They animate us by their example; they cheer us by their company; they are on our right hand and our left. Martyrs, Confessors, and the like, high and low, who used the same Creeds, and celebrated the same Mysteries, and preached the same Gospel as we do. And to them were joined, as ages went on, even in fallen times, nay, even now in times of division, fresh and fresh witnesses from the Church below. In the world of spirits there is no difference of parties.”




Do Your Best

Hi Princess

How have you been? Tell me about your trip to Esztergom. Too many traces of Cardinal Mindszenty?

Hungary celebrates its freedom from communism. You celebrate, we cry. Here, this anger ideology took an important step towards totalitarianism with the government candidate’s re-election.

There are too many unsatisfied people around here. Too much discussion about the Brazilian voting machine. Furthermore, Petrolão scandal (corruption in Petrobras) is worrying lots of people. There were several public protests against the federal government last Saturday all along the country – the first nonleftist public protests since 1964.

Mass media leftist journalists tried to disqualify the protest in São Paulo city. They said that there were only a thousand people on the demonstration. Other surveys, nevertheless, pointed out that there were between 7 and 30 thousands people.

But for me there is no surprise. I can’t understand why people are too astonished. Don’t they know the communist ideology? For Marx, there is neither truth nor lie; neither good nor bad. There is only the revolutionary action, rage as the engine of history, the devastation of West to, above its ruins, build the utopian new world of social justice. (By the way, who named them Champions of Justice?) “Social structures nowadays are wrong, they need to be redone and actualized. The problem is the social structure not the man.” Socialist utopia is the most complete denial of the Original Sin. There is no room for God in a world where “religion is the opium of the people”.

Logically I’m talking about the real communists, the ones who know exactly what they are doing. I’m not talking about the “useful idiots” (the Lenin’s joy). These are the majority among leftists and they act by inertia – the so-called mass of maneuver.

There is a scene in the thriller Heat that illustrates pretty well the communist thoughts. Al Pacino (a policeman) and Robert De Niro (a thief) talk in a restaurant. De Niro says:

– I do what I do best; I take scores.

“I do what I chose; revolution is my duty” could say a communist.

The communists do what they do best. History shows us the results of the worker’s paradise search: lies, destruction, robbery, mass murder. That is their historical role. That was the path they chose. The Brazilian voting machine was made in order to defraud elections. (“This voting machine is a joker” wrote me a hacker friend.) The proof is that it is not adopted in any other country. Or are Japan and South Korea, Germany and France, USA and UK so technologically outdated countries?

Above all, it could not even be said that a Brazilian woman won the election. The real winner was Foro de São Paulo – an institution created by Lula and Fidel Castro in 1990 in order to  implant a communist dictatorship in Latin America (ULASR – Union of Latin American Socialist Republics). This institution has almost two hundred leftist organizations in its ranks. The narcoguerrilla FARC and the Brazilian Worker’s Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT) are both members of the Foro de São Paulo.

The communists are doing their best.

What about us, Catholics?

Are we struggling for our ideals as communists do? Do we love our Christian ideal or it is just a social convention, an unconsciously accepted behaviour norm? If we really want to defeat communism – the biggest enemy Church has ever faced – we must bet all our resources in this fight: our time, our money, our honour and our life.

Beyond everything, the History is made by saints. Only a fight without pause in search of personal holiness can give a sincere response to the troubles of our time. To anyone who asks us a reason for our hope, we must always be ready to answer:

– I do what I do best.




Causa nostrae laetitiae

Hi Sweetheart

How’re you doing? Tell me about your visit to Germany. Have Germans already forgotten the sad 7 x 1?

I don’t like even thinking about it. I’d rather remember Bastian Schweinsteiger’s moto, soon after the final match, yet inside the field:

“Brazilian people are always happy”

Schweinsteiger’s sagacity allowed him to catch the best Brazilian people characteristic. But what he doesn’t know – and, by the way, he couldn’t know as well as Brazilians don’t – it is the cause of our endless happiness. What is this joy cause? I will tell you.

Our nation was born on April 19, 1648. On that day, the Portuguese people, natives and slaves gathered in order to expel the intruders – Netherlanders. It was the First Battle of Guararapes. It was a religious war as the Netherlanders were Protestants. (Well, it’s true that the present Brazilian Catholics are not willing to struggle and that’s why they are losing their joy, but that is another matter.) Our Lady of The Seven Joys, also known as Our Lady of Pleasures, took part in the Battle.

The devotion to Our Lady of The Seven Joys was born in Portugal in the 16th century. Portuguese navigators brought it to Brazil. A poet wrote: “The caravels were not impelled by the strength of the wind in the sails but by the cross painted on them”.

The seven joys of Mary were listed by a Franciscan friar:

1 – The Annunciation

2 – The Salutation of Isabel

3 – The Nativity of Jesus

4 – The Visitation of the Wise Men

5 – The Finding of the Infant Jesus in the Temple

6 – The First Appearance of the Risen Jesus

7 – The Coronation of the Virgin

So, it was in this way that our nation was born – from the joys of Mary. “The fellow Brazilian people, without masters, without slaves. And the Lady of Pleasures transforming stones into bullets…”

If you, in your wanderings through Europe, meet Schweinsteiger, tell him this story. Perhaps he becomes as happy as we are when he finally realizes what causa nostrae laetitiae is.