The Saints, History-makers

Hi Darling

Many people believe that money makes the world go round. Others believe that the power of the weapons is more important. For still others, the power of ideas is what matters.

The Bible shows another point of view, however.

In Genesis, God tells Abraham that He will destroy Sodom City due to the impenitence of its residents. Abraham argues that it is not correct to kill indiscriminately upright and guilty. He asks:

– Will you really destroy the upright with the guilty? Suppose there are fifty upright people in the city. Will you really destroy it? Will you not spare the place for the sake of the fifty upright in it?

The Lord replied:

– If I find fifty upright people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place because of them.

Abraham spoke up and said:

– It is presumptuous of me to speak to the Lord, I who am dust and ashes. Suppose the fifty upright were five short? Would you destroy the whole city because of five?

He replied:

– I shall not destroy it if I find forty-five there.

Abraham smartly started to reduce the number of upright people. But there were no upright around there and God indeed destroyed Sodom City.

Will I be wrong if I conclude that the History is made by the saints?

In other words, “God is love”, and, therefore, He can only be moved by the love of the saints.

See the example of Martin, bishop of Tours, that lived in the fourth century.

Martin had travelled abroad. During his absence, a young disciple of him died without Baptism. When the bishop knew that, he rushed back and, beside the unburied body, started immediately to pray. Martin spent a long time praying until the boy finally came back to life. The boy still lived during many years, and he never got tired of repeating the following story. When he died, he was conducted before the divine court and condemned to hell. The sentence was about to be accomplished when two angels appeared and said:

– This is the boy for whom Martin is praying. We have order to lead him back to life.

In the fourth century, the prayer of Martin moved God’s will. Nowadays, the love of the saints moves God’s heart. We know that all things – including the power of money, weapons and ideas – are God works for good for those who love Him.

So, those who make the History are the saints.



PS – Holiness is nothing more than searching the Truth 24 hours a day and trying to live accordingly to it. It doesn’t matter if we can make it every other time. The point is not to give up as “the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.”


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