Hope for Brazil

Hi Honey

Every new year always brings us hope. But have we, Brazilians,  got reasons to expect  a better year than the preceding ones?

In the last decades, our country became a worldwide champion in murderings – around 70 thousand homicides a year in 2014. We are champions in traffic fatalities: more than 40 thousand deaths a year. We have the biggest Tax Revenue in the whole solar system, up to 60% of IGP according to Ives Gandra, the greatest Brazilian expert in taxes. We have one of the highest interest taxes of the galaxy. We have the most expensive iphone in the entire universe. The Catholic Church in Brazil is totally broken after decades under the influence of Theology of Liberation. All of this thanks to  the advance of Marxist thinking in our country allowed by our elite’s indolence.

Although this negative approach, I believe that we have real reasons to have hope.

2014 felt the first conservative street manifestations after decades of leftist dominance. It will also be reminded as the year of the birth of the first conservative printed newspaper: the printed version of Midia Sem Mascara site. The Foro de São Paulo is no longer a secret issue. The Father Paulo Ricardo has come twice to São Paulo City in order to lecture about new books of Molokai Publishing House. He had a direct contact with his students and he could strength them with his presence.

All of this has been only possible thanks to Olavo de Carvalho philosopher’s teachings. During many years he studied and clarified issues such the Antonio Gramsci’s cultural hegemony, the Foro de São Paulo and the Marcuse’s influence in Brazilian thinking. Due to his coherence between thinking and life, he managed to join people that contributed valuably to stop the Communist advance in our country. Because of this, the multitude of demonstrators showed the slogan “Olavo is right”.

The street manifestations will not stop, the Midia Sem Mascara will advance, Father Paulo Ricardo will come more times to São Paulo City to strengthen us, and  teacher Olavo de Carvalho is an indefatigable giant. 2015 promises to be a year of many fights as well as many victories. You will briefly be back and may fight by our side.

Yes, 2015 will be a very happy year.




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