Black Awareness Day

Hi Honey

It was holliday last November 20Th. Black Awareness Day.

I beg your pardon?? but awareness has now became colored?

This holiday was created under the Marxist government of PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores – Worker’s Party) more than 10 years ago. The excuses for creating such madness were the same old ones: to correct a historic mistake, to make society conscious, to give black people equal opportunities towards a fairer world… blablabla.

First of all, that is the good old class conflict strategy synthetized more than 150 years ago in Communist Manifesto by Marx’s cynical cry “Working men of all countries, unite!”. He didn’t say but should have also said “May you unite because depending on me you are fried!” Employee against employer, woman against man, children against parents, cyclist against driver, black against white, everybody against God. Who still believes in this chatter?

Secondly, who named them Champions of Justice?

Third, this “historical mistake” speech is nonsense. Following this reasoning we will soon be separating Cain and Abel fight. In order to incite racial hatred, these Communists hide the fact that African muslins (many of them black people) have had invaded Europe to enslave people much time before the event of black slavery. The human being exploitation by other ones is not a characteristic of white Europeans; on the contrary, it has occurred so far, all around the world.

Fourth, the class conflict strategy manipulates the lowest human being instincts. It foments frustration and inferiority complex in minorities in order to make them feel victims and then they became mass of manipulation in hands of manipulators.

Fifth, Marx was totally mistaken to think that this kind of problem is solved by fomenting hatred among brothers. The exploitation of employees by bad employers and the slavery are consequences of human passions and they have a name: sin – personal sin. Sin, being personal, must be banished by means of searching personal holiness – by means of prayer and penitence and examination of conscience. The issue is personal not social. So, there is no fair society but just  fair people.

Sixth, accusing Brazilians of racism is deception. People whose patroness is a black woman, whose birth is a result from an alliance between black, Portuguese and native people, that have extinguished slavery without a shot, that adore their black king of soccer. Brazil does not have prejudice of race; we have prejudice against poor people but this is another matter.

Christ – founder of the civilization that Marx and his followers try to destroy – incarnated and came to earth in order to teach us that each person is result of a God’s love action. As this Brazilian saying – May God know how to count up to one. Each human being has an individuality, a personality and a dignity emanated directly from the God’s love. Each of us came to this world to perform an exclusive and unrepeatable mission – also known as vocation – determined by the God’s will. Each human being has the same dignity: the dignity of God’s son. This concept of personality is hated by Communist regimes for whom people are simple numbers which is only useful for statistics.

Thanks to this unique conception of sin, vocation and divine sonship, the Christians were the ones who fight – and keep fighting – more against slavery. An historian of the beginning of the Christian Era wrote: “The founder of this religion put on their followers mind that all men are siblings”. And he added, astonished: “And they really believe so!”

So, I’d rather like Christ teaching instead of Marx pathetic phrase:

– You have but one Teacher, and you are all brothers.




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