The Love That Exists Here

Hi Honey

Do you remember Piri Piri song?

I came from Piri Piri, I came from Piri Piri

I came to see how love that exists here is

How will it be like Piri Piri love?

On November 15 I went to the march on Paulista Avenue. It was a march asking decency back in our country. I went there to be part of it but over all to see what kind of feeling was moving the protesters.

I noticed that people were moved by love. Love for freedom, family and homeland. A love in which indignation and joy were mixed. Indignation due to the communist totalitarianism advance in our nation. Joy due to the opportunity to express ourselves after decades in which street manifestations were carried out only for leftists. It was a peaceful and conscious joy quite different from the hypnotic trance that usually takes place in crowds driven by ideologies.

There were 3 main groups. A very minor group was asking for military intervention. Nobody cared about them. But it was this group that came out in news headlines. The same old lies of an old liar media. (There is an exception: Veja magazine.)

I followed Olavo de Carvalho’s students’ group. We walked towards Sé Square. The most important slogans were Olavo Is Right, Get Out Foro de São Paulo!, Get Out PT!, Lula Father of Mensalão – Dilma Mother of Petrolão, Impeachment Now! I saw people of all ages even babies. The event marked the first printed edition of the electronic magazine Midia Sem Mascara – the first Brazilian media to analyse magazines. The shops didn’t need to close their doors; on the contrary, they took advantage on their profits because of the crowd estimated between 10 and 50 thousand people. The Police were applauded several times.  The fewer opponents were welcomed with good humour – not with violence, a weapon so far unknown by leftists.

Some people criticize this kind of mobilization. “It is worthless. The evil will always win. You won’t change the world.”

I don’t want to change the world. I just want that, when this world is over to me, I would be struggling in the Love side.




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