Blind’s Blind Guides

Hi Beauty

Some days ago Brazilian Federal government released the 2013 public security report. Last year, there were more than 53 thousand murders in our country. As the government itself admits inaccuracy of this amount, the number of fatalities is greater. Other surveys point out to 70 thousand homicides per year. One death every 8 minutes.

Brazil reached to this point thanks to Herbert Marcuse’s ideas. He was a German philosopher who became a US citizen. He was one of the founders of School of Frankfurt. Marcuse landed in USA in 1934 and so far he has been adored by leftist Americans. His most known book, Eros and Civilization, was written in 1955. He was one of the sexual revolution ideologists. In May 1968 he was in Paris inciting the young people to riot.

Studying why Marxism had failed in West, he concluded that proletarian wasn’t the correct revolutionary class. The true ones must be the psychologically frustrated people: intellectuals, students, outcasts (prostitutes, drug addicts, assassins, rapists etc.) and dissatisfied people in general.

More than any other country, Marcuse’s theories hit hard deeply in Brazil. Perhaps because our nation is a prior target of such kind of attack due to its geopolitical importance. The fact is that Marcuse’s theories have found little opposition in Brazil. Our elites – people blessed by God with money, social position and resources in order to lead the search for the welfare – were completely unprepared for the culture war. Since long time ago, they have been only worried about themselves and turning their back to society. This indifference leads them to dislike truth and to scorn wisdom.

The means by such beautiful theory have spread were the educational system, the mass media and the showbiz. Today, we see a country seized by bandits and drug dealers. Police’s hands are tied. Law incites to crime. The civilian disarmament is part of this strategy; the robber knows that they will find unprotected victims and these are attacked without fear – a true rabbit hunt. If the victim reacts and strikes the robber, he will face the fury of media, hardness of the law and the cynicism of intelligentsia.

The result is a society in which nobody trusts nobody. The bad guys spend 24 hours a day thinking about how to mislead the good guys; the good ones think how to protect themselves. That is why Brazilians with remarkable computer skills  become the world’s best crackers and hackers. They develop a mind able to scrutinize continuously all the lacks in order to attack them or protect them. They pass situations that are unthinkable for Americans or Europeans; even to Russians or Chinese, living under cruel dictatorships.

As usual, Brazilian elites watch all these atrocities without acting. They look indifferently the dead laying on the streets. The Christ’s disdain is addressed to our elites:

– Let them alone; they are blind’s blind guides.



PS – Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho is the unique exception in all the fancy Brazilian elite. He is the brain behind the movement that is occupying the streets and that struggles for decency being back in our country.


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