Do Your Best

Hi Princess

How have you been? Tell me about your trip to Esztergom. Too many traces of Cardinal Mindszenty?

Hungary celebrates its freedom from communism. You celebrate, we cry. Here, this anger ideology took an important step towards totalitarianism with the government candidate’s re-election.

There are too many unsatisfied people around here. Too much discussion about the Brazilian voting machine. Furthermore, Petrolão scandal (corruption in Petrobras) is worrying lots of people. There were several public protests against the federal government last Saturday all along the country – the first nonleftist public protests since 1964.

Mass media leftist journalists tried to disqualify the protest in São Paulo city. They said that there were only a thousand people on the demonstration. Other surveys, nevertheless, pointed out that there were between 7 and 30 thousands people.

But for me there is no surprise. I can’t understand why people are too astonished. Don’t they know the communist ideology? For Marx, there is neither truth nor lie; neither good nor bad. There is only the revolutionary action, rage as the engine of history, the devastation of West to, above its ruins, build the utopian new world of social justice. (By the way, who named them Champions of Justice?) “Social structures nowadays are wrong, they need to be redone and actualized. The problem is the social structure not the man.” Socialist utopia is the most complete denial of the Original Sin. There is no room for God in a world where “religion is the opium of the people”.

Logically I’m talking about the real communists, the ones who know exactly what they are doing. I’m not talking about the “useful idiots” (the Lenin’s joy). These are the majority among leftists and they act by inertia – the so-called mass of maneuver.

There is a scene in the thriller Heat that illustrates pretty well the communist thoughts. Al Pacino (a policeman) and Robert De Niro (a thief) talk in a restaurant. De Niro says:

– I do what I do best; I take scores.

“I do what I chose; revolution is my duty” could say a communist.

The communists do what they do best. History shows us the results of the worker’s paradise search: lies, destruction, robbery, mass murder. That is their historical role. That was the path they chose. The Brazilian voting machine was made in order to defraud elections. (“This voting machine is a joker” wrote me a hacker friend.) The proof is that it is not adopted in any other country. Or are Japan and South Korea, Germany and France, USA and UK so technologically outdated countries?

Above all, it could not even be said that a Brazilian woman won the election. The real winner was Foro de São Paulo – an institution created by Lula and Fidel Castro in 1990 in order to  implant a communist dictatorship in Latin America (ULASR – Union of Latin American Socialist Republics). This institution has almost two hundred leftist organizations in its ranks. The narcoguerrilla FARC and the Brazilian Worker’s Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores – PT) are both members of the Foro de São Paulo.

The communists are doing their best.

What about us, Catholics?

Are we struggling for our ideals as communists do? Do we love our Christian ideal or it is just a social convention, an unconsciously accepted behaviour norm? If we really want to defeat communism – the biggest enemy Church has ever faced – we must bet all our resources in this fight: our time, our money, our honour and our life.

Beyond everything, the History is made by saints. Only a fight without pause in search of personal holiness can give a sincere response to the troubles of our time. To anyone who asks us a reason for our hope, we must always be ready to answer:

– I do what I do best.




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