Causa nostrae laetitiae

Hi Sweetheart

How’re you doing? Tell me about your visit to Germany. Have Germans already forgotten the sad 7 x 1?

I don’t like even thinking about it. I’d rather remember Bastian Schweinsteiger’s moto, soon after the final match, yet inside the field:

“Brazilian people are always happy”

Schweinsteiger’s sagacity allowed him to catch the best Brazilian people characteristic. But what he doesn’t know – and, by the way, he couldn’t know as well as Brazilians don’t – it is the cause of our endless happiness. What is this joy cause? I will tell you.

Our nation was born on April 19, 1648. On that day, the Portuguese people, natives and slaves gathered in order to expel the intruders – Netherlanders. It was the First Battle of Guararapes. It was a religious war as the Netherlanders were Protestants. (Well, it’s true that the present Brazilian Catholics are not willing to struggle and that’s why they are losing their joy, but that is another matter.) Our Lady of The Seven Joys, also known as Our Lady of Pleasures, took part in the Battle.

The devotion to Our Lady of The Seven Joys was born in Portugal in the 16th century. Portuguese navigators brought it to Brazil. A poet wrote: “The caravels were not impelled by the strength of the wind in the sails but by the cross painted on them”.

The seven joys of Mary were listed by a Franciscan friar:

1 – The Annunciation

2 – The Salutation of Isabel

3 – The Nativity of Jesus

4 – The Visitation of the Wise Men

5 – The Finding of the Infant Jesus in the Temple

6 – The First Appearance of the Risen Jesus

7 – The Coronation of the Virgin

So, it was in this way that our nation was born – from the joys of Mary. “The fellow Brazilian people, without masters, without slaves. And the Lady of Pleasures transforming stones into bullets…”

If you, in your wanderings through Europe, meet Schweinsteiger, tell him this story. Perhaps he becomes as happy as we are when he finally realizes what causa nostrae laetitiae is.




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